How to Upcycle Furniture

We often get asked by prospective clients how much does an extension actually cost, and our answer is always the same; the cost is dependent on the size and the design of the scheme. If you find yourself going for a large scheme and you...

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Get Your Home Winter Ready

Tis' the season to spend less time outdoors, and more time getting cosy in your home. Extensions offer a great opportunity to modernise your home, both visually (if that’s your preference) and also practicality. Most period-home owners come to realise older Victorian properties come a...

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The Appeal Process

We have a fantastic track record for getting applications approved - 95% to be exact. Every now and then, the council will be on the fence about a scheme which may result in a rejected application. Lots of our clients actually want to submit a...

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Light up Your Loft

Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add an additional bedroom, bathroom, study or playroom and make effective use of a space that generally goes unused. When designing your loft conversion, it is important to consider the lighting design early in the process; the right...

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The Ground Floor WC

The Ground Floor WC is a popular option, and we often include them within our designs. A typical Victorian Terrace doesn’t include a ground floor WC, but in a busy, modern household they are quickly becoming a must have. Lots of our clients love the idea...

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Fast Track to Build

We often have clients who want to start the build as soon as possible. Whether you’re counting down the days to a due date, or perhaps you want to finish your kitchen in time for Christmas, or you might be renting another property until the...

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The Design & Build Check List

The Design & Build process is typically new to our clients, and we understand that it is our job to ensure that you (as the client) are well informed, and the project runs smoothly. You will receive dedicated support for both the Design & Build...

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Kitchen Layouts

There are loads of ways to shape your new kitchen, and the most important thing is to ensure that it is comfortable to use; style should follow function. Of course there isn't a 'one style that fits all' model, so here are a few basic patterns...

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Get More from Your Door

Doors have come a long way during the past decade, both in style and functionality. They are generally designed to maximise natural light penetration, which is why they make a fantastic asset to a home extension. The external garden doors will act as a focal point...

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Unique Home Designs

One question we are frequently asked is: Will my extension look like everyone else’s? Our answer: Absolutely not! You have endless options at your disposal when it comes to doors, windows, height, roof type, and materials – and this is just the shell extension. If...

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Get Creative with Your Windows

Whether you’re intending to do a ground floor extension, loft conversion or a lower ground floor basement – it is very likely that glass will play a large part in your overall design, especially if you want to maximise natural daylight into your home. These...

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Considerations for your Conservation Area

Over 20% of our client’s live in a conservation area, so our Architectural Team understand the importance associated with their classification and are very familiar with local council guidelines. Conservation area’s aim to preserve the architecture and traditional features that remind us of British heritage, and...

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Jazz up a White Interior

A white base interior can brighten up a room, and create the illusion of more space. If you’re keen on a neutral colour scheme, this kind of design can be a fantastic start, and it remains extremely flexible and versatile throughout the decorating process. So what...

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Create Open-Plan Perfection

Adding value, gaining more light and providing another living space for a growing family are all common reasons many of our clients choose to extend their home. Creating an open-plan space can provide all these assets and more. Open-plan living has become the dream for...

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Enhance Your Lofts Exterior

Adding value to your home whilst gaining additional space are two of the most exciting advantages of having a loft conversion built. Especially once you begin dreaming about what the new space could be; a kid’s playroom, a study or even an extra bedroom with...

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Utilize your home with a Utility Area

Utility areas are great if you want to create a room to hide all of your clutter and unsightly items. Washing machines, tumble dryers and ironing boards require space and are generally awkward to hide away. You can hide them away in your kitchen, although...

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Fireproof Your Home
Open plan living has become incredibly popular in modern day home designs, particularly in London where space is so valuable. Building Control is keeping a close eye on regulations when it comes to open plan living, as there are higher risks associated in the event of a fire. Luckily, there are measures you can take to help your home stays safe. With so many fireproofing options to choose from, we’re here to help you create a design that mitigates risk and is compliant with Building Regulations. Fire curtain A fire curtain sits in the ceiling at the threshold of the kitchen, or where any walls have been removed. It’s activated by a heat detector, sealing off the area to give you more time to evacuate the building.  This option can stop the smoke from spreading through the building, making an escape easier. However, they only aim to stop the spread of fire and do little to extinguish it, so they can be used to great effect in conjunction with a suppressant system. Sprinklers Sprinklers are mounted on your ceiling. The sprinklers activate individually, maximising the amount of water pressure available closest to the fire.  They use a lot of water and give complete coverage of the room to put out the fire or suppress it until the fire brigade arrive. Insurers dislike them because of the amount of water they use (up to 60 litres a minute) potentially causing more damage to your belongings than the fire itself. Image by Plumis via You Tube Read More

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