Flawless Floors

Your choice of flooring will completely transform how your home will look. It requires a fair bit of thought as it often takes third place in the expense scale: the first being the shell of the extension, the second is typically your kitchen, and the...

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Learn More: House Tours

We just completed our busiest House Tour (with over 120 people in attendance!), so we thought now would be a good time to tell you a little more. Attending one of our tours is not only an exciting opportunity to see the quality of our work,...

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Separate Internal Space

Open plan living is not for everyone, and lots of people like the traditional feel of separate rooms which hold different functions. One advantage of open plan living is the uninterrupted light, as natural light has the freedom to penetrate every corner of the room....

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Plan for Planning Permission

Planning Permission – everybody needs it, but no one knows much about it. We’re going to break everything down for you. If you are planning to do an extension, the chances are, you will require permission from your local council, be that through Permitted Development of...

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5 Great Kitchen Ideas

When planning your kitchen, practicality should meet design. It is paramount to have a practical kitchen that is a joy to use but that does not mean that it cannot be stylish and designed with your personality in mind. Have a look at some ideas...

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The Importance of Insulation

You’ve probably heard about 'insulation', not least in winter when you’re wrapped up in lots of layers in an attempt to keep warm. Did you know that insulation comes in multiple different forms and each of these types have different properties. It is also possible...

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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Thinking about saving money and using radiators to heat your extension? Under floor heating may not be as expensive as you might think. Upgrading to under floor heating frees up your wall space, gives you toasty toes and in the long run may save you...

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Not So Ordinary Extensions

No two extensions are the same. Trust us - we should know, having designed 500 home extensions across London over the past decade. Clients are often concerned that their extension will just be a typical, cookie cut design – but that is far from reality....

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Architectural Dictionary – Breaking down the Jargon

Architects use strange, unfamiliar language which can leave even a well versed property-enthusiast confused. Here is a little compilation of our most common architectural terms at Build Team, which will hopefully help put some terms into perspective. Of course, if something is still unclear, always...

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The Conservation Area

Living in a conservation area is a pretty special experience; the architecture in the area has been preserved and the character maintained for future generations. Of course, this has implications when it comes to home renovations, particularly to extensions and particular features. You can contact...

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