Smart Homes refer often to smart home technology, which allows a homeowner to automate and manage their home. This can provide a homeowner with security, comfort, convenience increased energy efficiency by using smart devices and smart home apps.

There are many examples of smart home technologies which can assist in improving the quality of life of a homeowner. These include:

  • Smart Fridges – can self-regulate and connect to Wi-Fi & integrate devices onto their façade. This can allow for shopping lists to be made, recipes sourced based on ingredients being stored and can even allow for expiration dates to be tracked.
  • Smart TVs – can connect to WIFI & provide a range of multi-functional features
  • Doorbell CCTV – can offer security for the homeowner
  • Smart lighting – can self-regulate according to daylighting
  • Smart Thermostats – can allow occupants to schedule and monitor home temperatures remotely
  • Smoke Detection & Alerts – allows to notify of leaks, smoke & CO detection or even water leaks.
  • Voice control devices – devices such as Amazon Alexa or Amazon Home can control and monitor a rage of home appliances or systems

These technologies often adjust to the homeowners behaviours and preferences over time and can provide convenience and a way to monitor energy use over time.

r/Infographics - Smart Home Infographic

Early home automation was introduced in the 1900s with the arrival of electric power distribution, resulting in a range of domestic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers. Now we can control and measure all home energy with heating, ventilation and air conditioning interfaces. Google home even provides packages to ensure connectivity between home technology systems.

Home automation can result in increased efficiency with intelligent energy saving techniques, in addition to increased security and comfort.

Despite the many benefits of smart homes, it has been said that if all of your tools for living are designed well, you will not need much. As such, with well designed buildings and careful design considerations, many of the features of a smart home may not be necessary (such as heating or lighting considerations for example).

Whether you seek convenience through technology or prefer more traditional ways of living, book a design consultation today for advice on how we can create a home extension that provides maximum comfort and relaxation for you and your family.