At the start of the year when up and down the country we began to decant our offices and begin to work from home, most of us assumed it was going to be short term and it’s safe to say many of us were not prepared. With a lack of designated home working spaces, most people started to work from kitchen tables and breakfast bars or even perching on sofas and a lucky few who got to work from the comfort of their beds.

However, as time goes on it is becoming clear that Working from Home is here to stay. Companies around the country are looking to remote working as the future, downsizing or even completely selling office space has not been uncommon in the last few months. With this in mind now is the perfect time to now look at your home and begin to explore the extension options available to create a bespoke home office environment your colleagues would be envious off.  

Location, Location, Location

First off its important to think about where in the house your new work space is going to be. Although an alcove in the living room or sitting at the kitchen table may work well now, if you have to work evenings or weekends and the family are around cooking, playing or doing homework the noise may be an unwelcome distraction. Therefore, a busy family space is not best, instead when designing your new home extension, you want to create a private space, somewhere you can shut the door and completely focus. Don’t forget however you will need plenty of plug sockets and most importantly string Wi-Fi and Phone signal so somewhere close to the router is ideal. These are all issues that can be fixed during the design phase and build of a new extension however.

Views and Lighting

Next up you want to think about your outlook, where has the best views in your home, facing the same blank wall for 8 hours a day is not only uninspiring but can be demoralizing. Views overlooking the garden or any open space around you are perfect, this will also help to bring in good natural light too. Do keep in mind that direct sunlight can cause glare and shadows on your screen so make sure to position your desk accordingly while still enjoying the views out.

Lighting is an important consideration too, it can help keep you focused but also reduce eye-strain and headaches. Although natural light is preferred it is not always practical so make sure to use soft lamps and downlights that are on dimmers or height adjustable, this way you can adapt the lighting as required. When designing the new extension lighting can be placed to create the perfect atmosphere and offer a seamless finish.

TOP TIP: A mirror can be a great way to bounce natural light around but also reflect views and outlooks in the right direction. Play around with mirror placement to make sure you are getting the most out of your space.

Multi-Functional Space

You may only work part time or have limited desk work so do not want the space wasted when not in use, in that case think about how your office can be adaptable. Installing built in cupboards, perhaps in the alcoves of the bedroom or spare room, to create an office nook is a great way to create a private office away from the busy family rooms, but when you are finished working can be tidied up and the room restored back over to its primary function with all the office equipment neatly hidden.

Perhaps sliding screens or walls can help to create a private space during working hours but allow the space to open back up in the evenings to be part of your open plan living space. Every space is unique and working with your architectural Designer can help you come up with the perfect solution for your home and way of living.

Your Work/Life balance

Working from home can mean that you don’t have that clear distinction between your home life and work. The lack of a commute and not physically vacating the office on a Friday can make it difficult to switch off, therefore it can be beneficial to have a clearly defined work zone to stop yourself being reminded of work on the weekend, thinking about that project that’s due to those emails building up.

Looking at how much space you require and when you will use it can help you design the perfect work space, by extending your home to incorporate a dedicated home office will allow you to create the best working environment that incorporates all of the ideas above and can be left on a Friday and not re-entered until Monday morning allowing you to switch off and unwind in your beautiful new home extension without distraction.

If you are looking to extend your home and want to find out more about feasibility, the process of the cost involved contract us today by emailing and our friendly enquiries team will be happy to help.