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The Appeal Process

We have a fantastic track record for getting applications approved - 95% to be exact. Every now and then, the council will be on the fence about a scheme which may result in a rejected application. Lots of our clients actually want to submit a...

Light up Your Loft

Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add an additional bedroom, bathroom, study or playroom and make effective use of a space that generally goes unused. When designing your loft conversion, it is important to consider the lighting design early in the process; the right...

The Ground Floor WC

The Ground Floor WC is a popular option, and we often include them within our designs. A typical Victorian Terrace doesn’t include a ground floor WC, but in a busy, modern household they are quickly becoming a must have. Lots of our clients love the idea...

Fast Track to Build

We often have clients who want to start the build as soon as possible. Whether you’re counting down the days to a due date, or perhaps you want to finish your kitchen in time for Christmas, or you might be renting another property until the...

The Design & Build Check List

The Design & Build process is typically new to our clients, and we understand that it is our job to ensure that you (as the client) are well informed, and the project runs smoothly. You will receive dedicated support for both the Design & Build...

Kitchen Layouts

There are loads of ways to shape your new kitchen, and the most important thing is to ensure that it is comfortable to use; style should follow function. Of course there isn't a 'one style that fits all' model, so here are a few basic patterns...


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