When undertaking an extension, clients often find it a great excuse to carry out the bits and bobs they’ve been meaning to do for years – for example internal bathroom refurbishments, hallways refurbishments, and replacing boilers. The boiler is a great example, as it’s likely we’ll be moving the boiler during the works (depending on your design choice). If we are moving the boiler and it’s getting old, it is worth a consideration to replace it altogether.

There are three main types of boiler:

Combi Boiler

System Boiler

Conventional Boiler

So which boiler should I choose?

In most properties, we find there is a conventional boiler and heating system connected to a cold water tank in the loft space and hot water cylinder.

Replacing this system with a Combi or System Boiler will save you space and increase efficiency. A combi system is a highly efficient way to heat your home and water. All of the heating is done within a single compact unit with pipes feeding water to the relevant locations. There is no need for a hot or cold water tank, the hot water coming out the taps will be at the mains pressure as it is heating in a single cylinder.

A system boiler uses the same idea of a conventional system but the cold and hot water storage is incorporated into the boiler unit itself. If your home has a large number of bathrooms, a system boiler is a good option and can cope with a higher demand. This type of system is easy and quick to install. With this boiler system, there is also no need for the cold water tank. Therefore, if you are planning a loft conversion, removing tanks will free up much of the loft space.

What options do I have with an old radiator system?

If your property has an older radiator system, it may be best to replace your traditional boiler rather than opting for a system or combi boiler as the heating system may not be able to cope with the higher water pressure. Of course it is possible to replace the plumbing however this can be costly and more disruptive.

What about underfloor heating?

All these boiler systems can be used with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating frees up your wall space, gives you toasty toes and in the long run may save you money. The heat is spread evenly throughout the rooms so it can run at a lower temperature whilst producing the same amount of heat as radiators. Not only does this make it more efficient, but also creates an instantly cosy feeling, warming your toes as you walk around your home!

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