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Conservation Areas

How to Prevent Planning Permission Refusal

Planning permission is an essential part of any building project, particularly when extending your home. If you're planning to build an extension, you'll need to obtain planning permission from local planning authority before starting work. But if the local planning authority refuses your application, what...

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Reasons Why Planning Permission Is Refused

Most building projects, especially those that involve extending your home, will require planning permission. To build an extension, you must first acquire planning permission from your local planning authority. This article explores the most common reasons why the authorities may refuse planning permission. However, it...

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Extending in Conservation Areas

Do You Want to Learn More About Extending in Conservation Areas? Extending in conservation areas is not quite the marathon process you might think it is. Actually, if you do live in one, you are not alone. Greater London has more than 1,000 conservation areas, and...

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7 Extension Treatments and Planning Application

There are a number of different planning applications, each of which will suit different residential extension designs. Discussed below are 7 different treatments for common extensions or alterations to residential properties. Permitted Development  Arguably the most straightforward extension type would be that which falls within your...

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Considerations for your Conservation Area

Over 20% of our client’s live in a conservation area, so our Architectural Team understand the importance associated with their classification and are very familiar with local council guidelines. Conservation area’s aim to preserve the architecture and traditional features that remind us of British heritage, and...

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