Adding value to your home whilst gaining additional space are two of the most exciting advantages of having a loft conversion built. Especially once you begin dreaming about what the new space could be; a kid’s playroom, a study or even an extra bedroom with a gorgeous en-suite.

Remember that planning the internal aesthetics of your loft is just as significant as planning the external finishing’s. The outside look is extremely important and not just for decorative reasons, but more so where your neighbours and the planning office are concerned. From stone, brick, to metal, there are many external loft cladding materials available. With so many options to choose from, Build Team are here to guide you through the top four so you can make your loft just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Grey Slate

Loft extensions do not have the same kind of planning restraints you may normally find with a ground floor extension. Permitted development allows a loft extension to be built with external materials that match the original exterior of the existing building. If you are after something more bespoke however, such as aesthetically contrasting cladding, it is most likely that you will require planning consent. The safest and most popular option is grey slate. Most London homes have slate roofs and typically, most dormer extensions will be clad in the same kind of slate to match with the original roof.

Grey Zinc

Grey zinc is a slightly more adventurous option. It is more architectural and can still compliment a grey slate roof whilst looking a bit ‘different’ than your usual dormer exterior. The detailing comes in the form of vertical structural ‘batons’ where the zinc plates bind together. If done properly, the detailing can look amazing, plus it should last about 50 years.


Another unconventional metal choice for a loft could be corten, which is the architectural term for pre-rusted steel. It is rather heavy and mostly used in larger constructions, but it does work nicely against a red-tile roof. Corten is very strong and chemically stabilised so that it does not overly weather. If you’re looking for cladding that is cost effective, low-maintenance and weather-resistant, then steel is a fantastic option.

Pre-patinated Copper

Pre-patination (weathering) is another option if you wanted something like standard copper, but more unique. When copper and brass go through a specially developed industrial process, they patinate and turn green. This is very similar to the process that naturally occurs over a long time when copper is exposed to the natural elements. Eventually achieving a Verdigris finish, with a lifespan of 100 years, pre-patinated copper is cost-effective, elegant and resourceful.

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