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Our Green Agenda

Build Team is committed to managing and minimising our environmental impact.

One of the greatest challenges faced within the Construction industry is the environmental impact of our profession. Currently the construction sector is estimated to contribute heavily to the climate crisis; with The World Green Building Council calculating that buildings are responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions: 28% from energy needed to heat, cool and power them, and 11% from materials and construction.

Here at Build Team, we are pledging to consistently learn and research as individuals and as a team to push forward our design & build knowledge in order to address climate change; through CPDs, training and constant examination of how we can improve our systems and processes to work towards a Net Zero Energy future.


Conscious Travel

Our team are taking steps to ensure that where possible, we are mindful of how we travel, and reducing travel where necessary. With agile working encouraged; this dramatically reduces the necessity to travel for many of our design team. When attending site visits; many of the team opt for public transport where possible with some core members of the team opting to cycle to site visits, thus reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Build Team now have a fleet of electric bikes – keep an eye out for our designers & consultants on their way to site visits in your area. Our Architectural Consultant Scotty attends visits on an electric bike (Scotty typically saves the planet on average 0.03 tonnes of CO2e per week, when compared to an average size petrol car) as seen in the picture below and our Founder Dan opts for his bike on his daily commute into the office.

We Believe In Promoting Sustainability Through Our Practice

Making Better Sustainable Choices

Renewable Energy

Being mindful about water waste is part of our team practice. We do this, by reducing water waste in our head office by using appliances such as:

  • Shower heads
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Boling water taps

LED Lighting

All of the bulbs in our head office are LED where possible; LED Lighting has a long-life span, is energy efficient with improved environmental performance and also releases no heat or UV emissions.


In Build Team’s Head Office we optimize insulation with double glazing, and vinyl artwork which provides a thermal barrier, and results in a reduction in heat loss. Improving comfort, as well as reducing our environmental impact.


Our Heat Recovery System ensures maximum efficiency in our offices, and we ensure to be mindful as individuals when considering heat comfort in the office such as by wearing warmer clothes in winter months.


All of our Build Team Boards outside of our projects are recycled and used for new projects. Further to this, we adhere to a paperless where possible approach to our design process.

Sustainable Materials

We always opt for locally sourced and efficient materials when making changes to our office space. Our office wooden flooring is locally sourced, from sustainable materials.


Supporting Green Charities

We are continuosly seeking better ways to create more conscious connections with our local community, as well as with practices and charities who align with our ethics.

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