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The Importance of a Utility Room in a Family Home

A well-known proverb states that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, it would be prudent to add that a neat and tidy home helps creates a masterpiece. It’s not unreasonable to believe the solution to achieving this can be found with the additional of a utility...

Radiators or Underfloor Heating: Which Should You Choose?

How you will heat your home is a key question to consider during the design of your new extension as it can effect the kitchen layout and placement of furniture. It's likely will what to know what the best heating source for your property would...

The Design Benefits of a Courtyard

Everyone dreams of having a lush flourishing rear garden in the house, where people can party, play or just relax. But what about creating an internal courtyard space to create a green haven within the home? Improved Natural Light Sometimes, when designing a wraparound extension to a...

A Guide to Exterior Cladding

A question we are commonly asked is ‘how will my house look from the outside?’ As the ‘skin’ of your building cladding plays an important role in the way your house looks once completed. Technically speaking, it is the installation of a material to cover...

New Year, New Decade, New Extension

With the start of the New Year it may be time to start thinking about the possibility of extending your home to gain more space and improve your quality of life. There are many different reasons to extend your home, a growing family, improve the flow around your...

Our Year In Numbers – 2019

As the year draws to a close build team looks back at some of the most notable, memorable and even surprising fact and figures of 2019. If you wanted to know how many extension we’ve design and build, what boroughs are most popular or even...


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