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What are the alternatives to Bi-Fold Doors?

While Bi-Fold doors are still the most popular choice of door for rear extensions, due to their function and manipulability, there are multiple other options available for those who wish to do something that little bit different with the rear façade. Here we have a...

How to Make the Most of your Loft Space

The loft of your house is full of potential new space for your family and by converting it into habitable rooms this oversized storage space can be transformed into something fantastic. In most scenarios a loft conversion typically will add a new master bedroom, ensuite...

Extending in Conservation Areas

Greater London has more than 1,000 conservation areas, and so the chances of living in one are quite high. In fact, some London boroughs such as Islington, Westminster or Kensington & Chelsea have very few streets that are not within a conservation area. We are...

Challenging Chimneys

Chimney breasts were once a significant feature in traditional homes, built with functionality in mind, they housed an open fire and chimney flue to keep residents warm in the colder months. Found in almost every room in the house before central heating systems were created, they are a significant...

How Boundary Walls Can Affect Your Extension Design

Local authorities have guidelines in place which dictate the maximum height your boundary wall can be; this may be different to the height of the existing fence or brick divide so it is worth checking your council’s Planning Guides to find out what yours is. These planning guidelines...

Creating Office and Living Space for Home Working

As we settle into the New Year working from home remains and now the kids have joined in too! If you are planning a home extension or remodel, space to work and learn is most likely high on the agenda. Here are some of the...


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