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Pet Perfect Homes

Nothing completes a family like a furry friend. Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, there are always considerations to think about before starting on designing your home extension, especially in relation to how the family is going to adapt to the process and...

Creative Utility Spaces

Utility areas are becoming more and more popular within our home extension designs, as modern interior design is becoming sleeker and more clutter free. A utility area provides the perfect place to hide away unsightly items. Washing machines may look a lot better than they...

Get Ready for Easter

The holidays generally revolve around spending quality time with family and friends, and what better place to that then in the centre of the home – the kitchen. When undertaking a Ground Floor Extension, it’s almost always in the client specification to create a more...

Stylish Spaces

Privacy within the home is paramount and isn’t something you would necessarily consider when designing a home extension. Our clients are often keen to add lots of glass and glazing, but it’s important you keep in mind the repercussions of doing so. London in particular...

Five Reasons to Extend

Moving home is not only expensive, but it’s also very stressful and disruptive. It’s no wonder more and more homeowners look towards home extensions to give them that extra bedroom, a larger bathroom or that multi-functional family kitchen. Whether you’re looking to do a small...

The Detail in the Design

Most companies that offer a two-stage process will prioritise the build process over the architectural designs, leaving you with a design that you may not necessarily have chosen. At Build Team, we value both Design & Build equally – and we work hard to exceed...


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