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Transformation of Thorpedale Road

If you're looking to modernise and extend your family home, this article is the perfect place to start. Here we're featuring one of Build Team's most popular projects, Thorpedale Road. A complete renovation and extension of a family home located in the charming neighbourhood of...

Sources of Inspiration for Your Extension

Are you considering extending your home but need help finding inspiration for the design? Then look no further! With so many inspiring sources, you can take inspiration from various places and create an extension to suit your needs and style perfectly. In this article, we'll...

Creating an Eco-Friendly Home

With growing awareness of the environmental consequences of our actions, many of us are looking for ways to live more sustainably. As individuals, we are responsible for reducing our environmental impact. So, establishing an eco-friendly home, characterised by sustainability in structure and design, with energy-efficient...

Creating a Child-Friendly Home

Building a child-friendly home involves more than just providing a safe and secure setting for children. It is also about creating a space where they can feel comfortable, happy, and free to explore their surroundings. The first step is to recognise potential hazards and take...

How to Prevent Planning Permission Refusal

Planning permission is an essential part of any building project, particularly when extending your home. If you're planning to build an extension, you'll need to obtain planning permission from local planning authority before starting work. But if the local planning authority refuses your application, what...

Reasons Why Planning Permission Is Refused

Most building projects, especially those that involve extending your home, will require planning permission. To build an extension, you must first acquire planning permission from your local planning authority. This article explores the most common reasons why the authorities may refuse planning permission. However, it...


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