Interior designing can be compared to pouring a reflection of your personality in your space. Each design, colour or pattern creates a certain mood in the space it occupies, giving a certain feeling to its onlooker. When it comes to designing the interiors of our homes, it can always be very subjective depending on individual taste and styles.

Some of the design styles now-a-days that are trending are Modern, Classic/ Traditional, Glam, Boho, Boho chic, Shabby Chic, Minimalistic, Vintage, Monochrome, Industrial chic, Edgy/ Quirky/ Eclectic designs with multiple patterns overlay or some Coastal/ Mediterranean (and many more). Each of these design styles is a reflection of one’s personality type and their lifestyle.  But what is important to note here, through all our Instagram and Pinterest inspirations, what we need is to add our personal touch to our space, to make the house, a home.


Before you think how, know where? What is the function of the space you wish to design?

Now let’s take you through the 5 interior design ideas that would help you improve your space!

Central theme/ Harmony in design

What do you expect out of the place that you want to design? What is the theme you want to consider or colour scheme you have chosen? It can be a mood, a genre, a movie you like or even inspiration from a season.

Once you have picked a theme or an inspiration, the next step would be.

Balance / Emphasis

To make sure you are not adding every element of your inspiration and cluttering the space, or even to help you out if you are confused with multiple things you like, start focusing on things you want to highlight, give those elements emphasis and try to balance those elements out with complementing on contrasting colours.

Contrast / Materials

When you pick the highlight of your room, try to match that with textures, patterns and colours that would complement the space and your highlight. This could even mean adding green plants in a completely white room, or creating monochrome room with natural accents, just to give a little contrast, add another layer of texture and bring more warmth to the space.

Less IS More  

Even though some of us might like the shabby chic styles, while designing we should step back and know when to stop our space from becoming less shabby and more towards shabby chic style. Less is always more when it comes to designing a space that you would be seeing every day.

Mood, Lighting & DIY

The final step and one of the most important steps of designing is adding the perfect lighting to complete your space. Lighting is not only one element of the room, it could also be treated as the highlight of the space. It is equally important to highlight your space during day and night. Lighting tends to complete the mood of the room you go for. Also some paintings or pictures on a nicely coloured wall would just add the little bit of your personalisation.

Apart from these 5 tips to organise your thoughts and implement in interior designing your space, you could also try to DIY and add wall beading in case you are looking to paint your walls. It definitely adds a warm and classy touch to the space.