Using minimalism to design and decorate your property can allow for optimum space whilst improving your quality of life.

If all your tools for living are well designed, you will not need much

Minimalism in art refers to abstract art typified by simple geometry. This concept refers to truth, order, simplicity and harmony. This can also be applied when designing your home.

Neutral colours can make you feel calm and may compliment a more minimal approach to interior design. Fewer colours can create a simplified, pared back effect, thus making a more calm and relaxing space to inhabit.

Minimalism in the home can be attained through rigorous space planning, practical storage solutions and an attention to detail.

For the creation of a serene and reductive space; carefully consider furnishings and finishes to ensure that the space does not feel cold and unhomely.

A functional, open plan layout, with plenty of light can create a space conducive to living simply and happily.

Cohesion within the style, palette, volume and geometry of selected pieces will allow for a harmonious and pleasant space.