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3d visualisation service of side extensions

Our construction company in London, Build Team, is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to improve our Design Phase. In order to help you visualise the new space of your side extensions you will be creating in your home, we have launched our 3D Visualisation Service. The benefits of this house building service are as follows:

  • Visualise your Side Return Extension as it will exist as part of your home.
  • Examine the internal layout in 3D to help inform how best to arrange the new room. Kitchen extension ideas are most welcome as this space is a personalised part of your home and needs to welcome the entire family.
  • Use the 3D Visualisation to decide on the optimum kitchen design ideas or side return ideas.

Included within our 3D Visualisation Service is the following components:

  • Fully rendered 3D graphics to show the space internally (3 images)
  • One external 3D image to show the extension from the rear garden

Fee of just £500 + VAT

(only available as a bolt-on to our Architectural Design Phase)


BuildTeam Example 1
BuildTeam Example 2
BuildTeam Example 3
BuildTeam Example 4


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