Our Green Agenda

One of the greatest challenges faced within the Construction industry is the environmental impact of our profession. Currently the construction sector contributes heavily to the climate crisis; with sources calculating that buildings are responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions: 28% from energy needed to heat, cool and power them, and 11% from materials and construction.

In the wake of Cop26 at the end of last year and an increased awareness of Climate Change and its impact, we as designers and builders must address how to improve our practices and ways of thinking to promote greener methods for the design & build process.

Ideally, in the near future; we will be working towards operating buildings at Net Zero Energy in order to meet the climate change targets set by the government and to make the significant changes required.

You can read more about Net Zero Energy Housing in our Blog: https://www.buildteam.com/blog/net-zero-energy-housing/

A more sustainable method of construction is to create structures and use processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout the life-span of a building. Our three-pronged approach to future proofing your property, has been designed for the everyday London homeowner looking to improve comfort and reduce costs, through energy savings and improved efficiency. See how we can help you to future proof your build, here: https://www.buildteam.com/green-agenda/what-we-offer.html.

There are many ways in which homeowners can improve the efficiency of their property, and our Architectural designers can assist you in making more sustainable choices when seeking to improve and extend your home.

Through innovative design techniques and considerations, we can work towards optimizing the energy efficiency of a building whilst considering the history and character of your property. For example, significantly improving the thermal performance of your home with a loft conversion; insulated walls, roof, floors, replacement windows and improved ventilation can all contribute to a much higher quality of life for your family.

With an extension, you can also retrofit your home; improving your property’s energy efficiency through the addition of technology or features which can save money and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. This can be with glazing improvements, underfloor heating, heat pumps and LED lights. The possibilities for improvement are plenty. More ideas can be found here: https://www.buildteam.com/blog/retrofit/.

Here at Build Team, we are pledging to consistently learn and research as individuals and as a team to push forward our design & build knowledge in order to address climate change; through CPDs, training and constant examination of how we can improve our systems and processes to work towards a Net Zero Energy future.

We offer free advice on reducing the carbon footprint of your build with our design consultations, and also provide consistent support throughout the design phase to ensure that your build enhances your properties economic and social value whilst mitigating your home’s environmental impact.

The product is a beautifully designed extension of your property which maximises your comfort and works towards a more sustainable future for your family and for future generations.

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