Often the space under the staircase is underutilised, storing old musty items to forgotten and unused. However, that area can easily be transformed and utilised in various different ways – not only storage. 

Hidden bulky appliances 

One useful idea for under stair storage is to relocate the washer and dryer as these appliances often take up a lot of valuable cupboard or worktop space in the kitchen. With a set of doors in front of them, they will be neatly hidden under the stairs. 

Reading space 

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If you are really into books and need more place to store them, there could be a bookshelf built in under the stairs or even a day-bed/bench to make it a little cosy reading area. 



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Having a proper built in cupboard to store larger items like coats, umbrellas and shoes is one of the more common ways to utilise the space. This idea would make the entryway of the house look a lot bigger and spacious as all the clutter can be neatly stored in the under stair cupboards.  

Turn Your Staircase Into Storage

Besides cupboards, you could instead fill the space with drawers and use these extra compartments to store anything from kitchenware, sports equipment or general storage. Depending on the design and orientation of the stairs, you could have the drawers opening out towards the side or in some to have the drawers built into every step. 

Staircase Storage

Mini bar/wine cellar  

One interesting idea is to transform the little nook under the stairs into a mini bar or wine cellar. Alcohol is normally stored a consistent temperature and away from direct sunlight so having it under the stairs is an ideal spot. Depending on the space you could have a dry bar or if there was more space you could have a bar with a sink and mini fridge. This idea would work well if the stairs sits towards a more occupied space as compared to a corridor. However, the wine cellar idea would work well in both cases. 

How To Utilise Space Under Your Stairs


If the stairs is located near the kitchen and you need more space to store items. You could use the space under the stairs and convert it into an open or closed pantry. 

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With just enough space, a toilet and sink could be fitted to make it into a small bathroom. 

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