More and more of our clients are requesting spaces that are not completely open plan or have the potential to change the space later on after they have used the space and developed as a family.  Some clients are also asking to divide up spaces that were made open plan by previous occupants as the open plan style is not suitable for their noisy family life!  In this blog, we will outline 5 days to divide you open plan space.Stud walls

Stud Walls

Only last week I was discussing a loft layout with a client, who currently wants two bedrooms in the loft, but might make one large master room later on down the line.  With the use of a stud wall, we can make the room suitable for being transformed in a few years’ time.  These can also be used to block up the space between your two reception rooms, which may have been previously opened.

Glass Partitions

Want to close off the smells and noise from the kitchen but keep the view and light into the reception room?  The internal window could be your answer and it does not have to be contained for use between the extension and the existing house. Many clients opt for a Crittall style set of doors and windows between the reception rooms or even between the reception room and the hallway.

Kitchen Islands

The Island can define the different spaces for the programs of your open plan kitchen-dining room, giving a split down the middle or across from side to side.  Place your hob or sink in the island and some work space and the Island can be the central hub for the kitchen as well as being the most useful piece of kitchen furniture you did not know you required.


Statement pieces and furniture that can be used from all sides can also be great space dividers as they are functional and become a focal point for activities. This dining table divides the kitchen from the living space and creates a room where the circulation space is useful rather than dead space.

Brick it up!

If you have a small doorway coming into the kitchen from the hallway, that is doing nothing for the circulation of the ground floor and is making the hallway dark, why not just brick it up and turn it into part of the structural wall like the rest of the wall around it?  This way, it can take the weight of wall units.

If this has given you some food for thought and you’d like to discuss your less-open-plan dream, then please ring the team on 0207 495 6561 to arrange a site visit.