We’re excited to share with you our rear extension project on East Dulwich Grove. Showcasing our expertise in transforming a modest single-bedroom flat into a spacious two-bedroom, complete with an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area.

This project showcases how a well-planned rear extension can transform a property, creating a beautiful and practical living space. From start to finish, our team worked tirelessly to exceed the homeowner’s expectations while staying true to the property’s original character.

So, whether you’re looking for inspiration for your extension project or simply interested in seeing the transformation, we invite you to read on and discover the fantastic results of our East Dulwich Grove project.

About East Dulwich Grove

Before its extension, the Victorian terraced house on East Dulwich Grove was a modest one-bedroom flat. With a growing family, the homeowners enlisted Build Team to transform their home into a more spacious living area. The main objective of the extension project was to create an open-plan living space. One that would bring in more natural light and provide a sense of connectivity throughout the home.

One of the property’s challenges was its narrow entrance hallway, common in Victorian terrace buildings. As a result, the renovation sought to restructure the space, with the entrance hallway leading to an open-plan living room. Considering these objectives, we constructed a stunning and functional rear extension.

Rear Extension

The rear extension of this family house is a prime illustration of how an extension project can become the focal point of family life. Formerly a one-bedroom flat, the goal was to create a more spacious and open living area for the family. In addition, providing this Victorian terrace property with abundant natural light.

As is typical of Victorian terrace houses, the entrance hallway was narrow. However, with careful planning, the hallway would lead to an open-plan space, providing a sense of natural flow throughout the home. The rear extension created a large modern kitchen with breakfast bar and and ample dining space for a generous dining table.

The open-plan design of the kitchen and dining area has transformed the home into a social space that encourages family interaction. With the breakfast bar serving as a gathering area, family members can cook, eat, and spend time together in one room. The addition of the large dining table provides ample seating for family meals and social gatherings.

Benefits of Open-Plan Living

The benefits of an open-plan kitchen and dining area are especially evident in terrace houses. The limited space can often lead to cramped living environments. However, removing walls and creating a flow between the kitchen and dining areas can develop a sense of space. In addition, the living areas can feel lighter and more airy.

The young family could then convert the existing living space into a bedroom and a separate study. This was especially vital during the pandemic when many homeowners needed a quiet place to focus while working from home. In addition, the study doubles as a playroom in the evenings, creating a multi-purpose area for the entire family to enjoy.

One of the significant features of this project is the central courtyard that the study opens onto, carefully designed to extend the indoor living areas. Providing a tranquil and private space for the family to relax and unwind. The courtyard is a peaceful oasis that perfectly complements the new extension and the original features of the Victorian house.

Preserving The Victorian Features

Preserving the original features of a Victorian house is essential to maintaining its character and charm. In the case of this East Dulwich Grove property, the homeowners were committed to retaining the beautiful fireplace and the original Victorian floorboards. The fireplace was carefully restored to its former glory, becoming a focal point of the living area. Meanwhile, the homeowners sourced original circa 1900 floorboards from reclamation yards to match the new extension seamlessly. Preserving the property’s original character and creating a sense of continuity throughout the home.

The extension pays tribute to the home’s history by preserving the original features while embracing the modern, open-plan living style. Combining original and new features has created a beautiful and harmonious space that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. By blending old and new, the homeowners have created a unique and timeless home to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Natural Light

The new extension has created a larger living space, allowing more natural light to flood the property. With bi-fold doors and Velux roof lights, the open-plan kitchen and dining area are awash with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

The benefits of natural light in a ground-floor property can’t be overstated. It can help to combat issues such as dampness and mould by allowing air to circulate and dry out moisture. Additionally, natural light has been proven to positively impact our well-being, helping to create a positive and productive living environment.

Furthermore, the positioning of the property close to neighbours can often limit the amount of natural light entering a property. However, the clever use of bi-fold doors and Velux roof lights has maximised the amount of natural light without compromising privacy.

Adding bi-fold doors also means the indoor and outdoor spaces can connect seamlessly. Making the property feel even more spacious and allowing for easy entertaining in the warmer months.

From the Rear View

The rear view of the extension from the garden is equally impressive. The apex design of the extension was carefully planned to ensure it was not intrusive to the neighbours. The aim was to keep the height low on the boundary line and maximise the internal volume. By doing this, the extension provided the family with a spacious and functional living space without impacting the neighbours. This was a crucial consideration in this populated area of East Dulwich Grove, where properties are typically positioned close together.

The extension’s exterior is also visually striking, with its contemporary design contrasting beautifully against the original Victorian house. Large bi-fold doors and Velux roof lights have further enhanced the extension’s aesthetic appeal and allowed natural light to flood into the living space. This has created a bright and welcoming environment, making the room feel larger and more open.

A Word from The Homeowners

The homeowners in East Dulwich Grove shared their positive experiences with the transformation.

The extension Build Team created for us has transformed our home and living experience. It provided us with exactly what we needed. The study has been invaluable during lockdown, as we both worked from home and needed a quiet space to focus. In the evenings, it doubles as a playroom for our children, who love having their own space to play and be creative.

The family living space is a pleasure, with the breakfast bar used for working and socialising whilst eating and cooking. Previously, we were reluctant to entertain friends and family, but the new space allows us to do this comfortably.

What recommendations would you give to other homeowners embarking on a similar project?

We highly recommend thoroughly researching and choosing a trustworthy company to deliver your needs. Finding a company that can handle the entire project from start to finish is essential. We chose Build Team for their ability to manage the whole process, from the initial design to building the extension. We had transparent conversations about our budget with Build Team, who listened and tailored the extension to meet our needs. This made the whole process much smoother and less stressful.