As we move into the New Year, there is a spirit of new beginnings and the first week of January presents the perfect time to think about your New Year Resolutions. Whilst we love setting ourselves goals such as going to the gym regularly or having more relaxation time, our homes could do with a few resolutions at the same time.

We’ve come up with some resolutions that will make your home more attractive, better organised and greener in 2018.

Glamorise Your Interior

We all love to spend time with friends and family throughout the year and create spaces that we want to invite people into. Often all it takes to make a room feel more welcoming is a splash of colour, such as a feature wall or new pillows for the sofa. Interior design can be incredibly simple yet stunning. Painting the space for example in neutral tones and then pairing with bright objects or even a wall of house plants can give the space the exact choreography it needs without being too extravagant on materials or cost.

Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for Spring

We all naturally accumulate an incredible amount of stuff throughout the year, which can clog up our shelves and cupboards making it hard to find the things we use and love. This is now the time to purge yourself of all those objects you don’t use or need anymore. There are loads of ways to declutter the house. One fantastic rule is to hide away anything that is not so useful or attractive, like the TV remote, laptops and iPads, tissue boxes, notebooks and pens. Everything else has its own special place on the shelf or side table. Arranging the space in this way will make your home feel more spacious and airy.

Go Eco

Spending a little more on making your home extra green and energy efficient during your home renovation project will help significantly in the long run to saving you money on bills, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Why not consider a green roof on the top of your new extension for example? One of these provides an incredible level of insulation. Changing boilers, introducing solar panels and installing underfloor heating are all excellent, additional options. We recently wrote a very helpful blog on our Sister Site Design Team, about how to make your home more eco-friendly. You can read it here.

Get Your Garden in Shape

It’s easy to forget our gardens in the winter months with the doors closed and curtains shut and by the summertime comes, we all want a BBQ with our friends or family and have a mad rush to get our garden in order. The design of your garden can really impact the lighting, colour and atmosphere of your property so start early in January and plan (and plant) ahead! Clear all the debris and soggy leaves away into a compost recycling bin, plant bulbous plants such as daffodils, snowdrops or crocuses, and watch your garden come beautifully and gracefully alive in the spring.

If your biggest New Year’s resolution is to get started on your very own brand new extension, and you want to find out more about how to make your home as wonderful as it can be in 2018, please feel free to give our team a call today on 0207 495 6561.