You shouldn’t underestimate the impact your outdoor space will have on your new indoor space, particularly if you are opting for lots of glass and bi-fold doors. Many of our clients choose to redesign their garden while they are redesigning their kitchen extension, mostly because they can ensure both designs will complement each other. Research shows that human interaction with nature and landscapes can reduce stress and anxiety so it’s important that you remember the importance of a well-kept garden!

Our Landscape Design Services includes an in-depth consultation with an experienced member of our Design Team. We will send over design and layout options which will show your existing layout and proposed options. You are then free to amend the proposed options until you have your final design.

What will a landscape service provide for me?

The organisation of your exterior paving, vegetation & furnishings can make for a great view and add function to your garden. Patio areas are great for entertaining and can make for a great outdoor dining area.

If I get a landscape service will I have to make an effort to maintain my garden?

Just like your kitchen design or interior design, the landscape design works around your needs and daily requirements. Take a look at the project we designed for a client who had concerns about garden maintenance. To combat the issue, we did the following:

  • We reduced the lawn area. Grass is the most time consuming feature and it requires mowing and trimming. Unless you are willing to make the effort, an unmaintained lawn can look quite unpleasant so we would advise an alternative.
  • We chose the right kinds of vegetation. We advised our client to go for a slow growing hedge; we proposed Yew (Taxus Baccata) or Holly (llex aquifolium). The slower they grow the less you have to maintain and these ‘ever greens’ are great for an all year round stunning landscape.

Is my garden too small for a design service?

Small spaces can be tricky and we would advise getting some professional advice so you can find out ways to best use your space and ensure nothing gets wasted! There are lots of ways to make small spaces look bigger – and we have lots of options for small and large gardens. If you choose to opt for a courtyard, these small, usually enclosed spaces can still allow for small glimpses of nature and greenery.

You garden can be tailored to fit your needs!

You can design a landscape that is family friendly, great for entertaining or pet proof! One of our clients was keen to have a lovely back yard but was apprehensive that any investment he made would be interrupted by his dog. We suggested boxed plants that not only acted as a border for his garden, but offered a beautiful contemporary look that kept his hydrangeas out of reach of his Labradors digging paws!

landscape 2 plan 4 landscape 1

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