Summer is in the air! The sun is shining and the BBQ’s are being dusted off – so what better time to think about making the most out of your garden and kitchen? When designing an extension, we always encourage our clients to think about how the indoor space will interact with the outdoor, as you can make quite a statement with some well thought through designs.


The most popular finish is to create a seamless boundary between the inside and out; combine this with bi-fold doors and you’ll completely connect the two spaces. To create this seamless boundary, we recommend recessing the running track of the doors into the ground, so there is no step or height difference between the two spaces.


This seamless join has become increasingly popular to create a harmonious flow from your extension to the garden, giving off the illusion that it is one large open plan space. Having an indoor and outdoor space is an interior design dream team! You can have the peacefulness that comes with a garden in your living room, with plenty of fresh air and natural light too.


If you’re thinking about the finishing touches already, look for floor materials that complement each other inside and out. For a dramatic look, you can go for a stark contrast as our client in Battersea chose to do. Alternatively, you can choose very similar materials so it looks like your kitchen floor continues on your outside decking or patio. Using the same flooring material can also enhance the look as it will visually trick your eyes into thinking the room is more spacious. Our client in Streatham chose to do this, and it looks fantastic. Lots of companies now make tiles that can be used indoors and also withstand the elements outdoors.


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