There are several ways in which the space created through a loft conversion can be used, for example as an additional bedroom, bathroom, study or playroom. We have found that the two most popular uses are as a bathroom or bedroom, which is understandable as these are likely to increase the value of your property the most.

If you’re considering a loft conversion in order to add an extra bathroom or a bedroom with an en suite, then it’s important to carefully consider the design of your loft bathroom to ensure you get the most from the space within the pitch.

Here are some great ways to maximise your loft space and create a beautiful bathroom area.


  • 6Keep it Light & Bright

It’s best to stick to light colours and themes for your loft bathroom, as darker colours can make the space feel smaller and cramped. Using a lighter colour scheme will help to make the area appear more spacious and welcoming.

In addition to this, using materials that reflect light are also a good option, as they open up the area, giving the sense of more space and airiness. Examples of materials to use include those that have reflective metal finishes like stainless steel towel rails, and white or cream-coloured floor and wall tiles.

  • Wet Room Style

Shower cubicles and bathtubs are nice features if you have a larger area for your loft bathroom.

However, if you are opting for an en suite or you have a smaller space to work with, then sometimes shower cubicles and bathtubs are not the best option. They can make the area seem segregated causing it to appear much smaller than it actually is, and could also make it quite awkward to use. In these instances a more open plan, wet room style works well; improving flow and creating one continuous, open space.

Then again, if you do have the space or would prefer to opt for a cubicle, then frameless glass is ideal as it helps to keep the boundaries open.

  • Sky Lights8

Adding skylights to your loft bathroom helps to maximise light in what would otherwise be a quite a naturally dark area. Sky lights aren’t just about increasing natural light; they also allow you to relax in the bath whilst enjoying spectacular views, without privacy worries due to the height of the bathroom.

You can further increase light in your loft bathroom with a few strategically-placed spotlights on the sloping ceiling.

  • Wall-Hung Features

To retain floor space and reduce clutter, consider adding wall-hung features to your loft bathroom. ‘Floating’ style toilets and sink basins are very contemporary, and perfectly compliment other modern features such as light-reflecting tiling, minimalist style showers and sky lights.

For small spaces such as loft bathrooms, it’s important to build up, not out, and make more use of the wall which is often seen as dead space.