When dreaming of your perfect side return extension, it is highly unlikely that your visions include a WC area or a utility space; they’re hardly spaces which feature highly on anyone’s list when thinking about their dream house!

Klea-Avenue38Although WC and utility spaces are not areas many of us really put much thought into when initially considering an extension, we have noticed that 80% of our side return extension designs include a WC or utility space. As small and insignificant as these spaces tend to be, in the grand scheme of things, including them can make a real difference to the feel of your side return extension.

If you enjoy entertaining, or have a large family, then including a WC in your side return extension design is definitely useful. It means you can avoid having guests venture upstairs, so you can keep the social space separate from the bedroom areas. For growing families a WC also means less waiting and congestion to use one room, especially during the morning rush to work and school!

Fenwick utility and WC planA utility room may appear a wasted space, but it can really change the feel of the side return extension as it can be used to hide things that would usually be in your kitchen. You could include a small utility space to accommodate for your washer-dryer, vacuum cleaner and cleaning products. Having a space for just these mundane household items can really make an obvious difference to the atmosphere in your home.

We realise that these vital rooms can really impact the look and feel of your new space.  At Build Team, we understand it is the job of your designer to think both creatively and practically to make the most of the space you have available.