The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home, which is why it is no surprise that many homeowners across London want to extend theirs and create a larger open plan space for all the family. However, it is easy to get distracted by the visual characteristics of your home extension and forget to put functionality at the forefront of your design. If the new space is going to work for you then function is more important than aesthetic, this is why there is not one ‘perfect’ kitchen design; it’s completely dependent on your personal preference, lifestyle and the space you have available. There are however 5 basic layouts that you can start with and adapt to suit your needs, we have explained a little about each one below.


The name describes this one perfectly, it is a kitchen that wraps around three sides, creating a U shape, all three sides do not need to be against a wall, for example our project in East Dulwich utilizes one side as a breakfast bar into the dining space. This U-shaped design is most efficient in smaller kitchens as it recycles the floor area while maximizing your storage and counter top space.


The Peninsular, also often called the G-shape, is similar to the ‘U’ but with an additional arm which tends to work well as a breakfast bar. This is a fantastic design alternative to a kitchen island in narrower or smaller kitchens where the space is not quite large enough to have a standalone island. The Design also work well when you are looking to create defined zones within your home like this project in Battersea where the kitchen is within a designated zone but still open to the rest of the space.


This is a very popular shape for a kitchen of any size and the design is common if you want to integrate two zones, such as the kitchen and Dining space, into one. By having the kitchen on two sides it opens up the rest of the space and leaves it free for a multitude of uses. This Ground Floor Extension in N4 uses a L-shaped kitchen affectively to allow the dining table to be part of the space.

Galley Kitchen

The Galley kitchen is the best option for narrower spaces because you can use the central space as a corridor between two zones and use each wall to have plenty of storage. Having the two workstation parallel to each other also means that there is an easy connection between the two sides making it more practical. It is worth noting that both sides do not been to be against the wall, you can have one side open to the rest of the space in the form of an island, just like here at this project in Finsbury Pak.

A Kitchen Island

A very popular design feature in larger kitchens is an island, this helps to zone space and make a larger kitchen feel more connected, such as here in SE14, where the Island fills what would have been a large open space and brings the dining area into the kitchen. Adding a kitchen island to your design gives you additional worktop which is useable on all 4 sides too and can be a great place to have breakfast bar, or to place the hob or sink, allowing yourself and guests to continue to socialise while you are preparing food and drinks.

The Broken Plan

It is worth remembering that you don’t have to stick to one of the set layouts above. You can use what we call a broken plan, a combination of different segments from the above kitchen layouts, to create a bespoken design for your unique space. You will regularly see kitchens which combine various elements to create a layout that works best for the shape and how the homeowners will use it. For example, this kitchen in South London uses a U-shape plan broken into 3 distinct parts with the addition of an island to create their spacious kitchen.

We recognize that your kitchen layout will help to inform and shape the design of your home extension, which is why we include the outline of it within out Architectural Design Service. We believe that when it comes to kitchen design it is important to get it right first time which is why we offer up suggestions and actively encourage you to experiment and try out layouts in the design phase to make sure we design the perfect home extension for your lifestyle.

To start the process of designing the perfect kitchen layout for your home arrange a Free Design Consultation with one of our Architectural Designers now. Simply Click Here or email letting us know your full address, what you are looking to achieve and your preferred date & time for the call, and a member of our team will be in touch.