Storage is often overlooked as it’s not something which is particularly exciting during the Design process. While it’s not that exciting, it is extremely practical and deserves some thought when you’re thinking about the layout of your room.


You have lots of options when it comes to storage. Clients often ask us what the best strategy is, and whether they should have a WC and utility area, or an open plan kitchen with lots of cabinets. The truth is its completely dependent on you and your lifestyle, and we’re here to help you figure out the best solution for you.


The Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands look impressive and not only make great storage units, but they also help to break up space in an empty room. This is a great option if you have a large finished room size and you want to help ‘zone’ the space into functional spaces. Our clients in Highbury wanted to limit their kitchen counter space along the wall and really have the island as the main hub for cooking and prepping meals.


If you have a smaller finished room size, this probably isn’t the best option for you as islands demand lots of surrounding space. A great alternative for a smaller room is a breakfast bar.

Highbury N5

Open Shelving


Open shelving, also known as floating shelves, are slowly becoming the hot new trend in kitchen design. These are the ideal solution if your kitchen has extra wall space, but you don’t want to go for full cabinets.

Our client in Battersea had a smaller space for their kitchen, and they didn’t want to overcrowd the area by adding high cabinets. They chose open shelves instead which offered them additional storage, but without crowding the room. They also demonstrate how you can make a decorative feature with your storage rather than hiding it inside a cupboard.




Another trend that seems to be creeping its way back into storage is the use of baskets. Using baskets is a genius idea, as not only does it store your items but it can fill up otherwise dead space with style. You can add colour and texture to your kitchen as baskets come in such a wide variety of colours and textures. This creative solution is really great for keeping kids clutter out of the way, but within easy access.


Our Design Team have tons of storage solutions that can fit your style and budget.Battersea SW8