Before embarking on a Side Return Extension, a number of clients have questions regarding the security of their home while the works are being carried 70 Beversbrook Rd17out, especially in cases where homeowners move out for the duration of the project.

We felt it important to address this concern, as well as take the opportunity to consider general security following the works.

During the works:
Understandably clients are concerned about security during the course of the works. However, it is important to note that if a building site is targeted by intruders it is generally the tools, plant and equipment that they are after, as opposed to the domestic goods and belongings of the homeowner.

At Build Team, we take a number of precautions to ensure the site is kept as secure as possible during the works, and where necessary, we will temporarily upgrade elements of the existing house security during times when we are modifying the existing structure of the building.

Following the works:
One of the key benefits of a Side Return is that security will generally be increased as a function of the works. For example, your home will have fewer access points as the existing dining room window would have been enclosed by the new pitched roof and windows/doors running along the flank wall.

Most clients opt for bi-fold doors for their side return, and modern door systems have a high security specification. They include security features such a hook locking system and double glazed toughened glass. Furthermore, the doors can be “key-blanked” from the outside meaning the doors cannot be unlocked from the outside. As a number of Victorian homes in London do not have rear access, this can be worthwhile security consideration.

Finally, at the end of the works, it is good opportunity to carry out a general audit of your home security. You may wish to consider upgrading or installing a burglar alarm, fitting window locks to period sash windows and external security lighting.