An important aspect to consider during your design phase is how you want to connect your new extension to your existing property. This decision will be based on a combination of your design preference, the practicality of the spaces and the current layout of your home. 

During the Design phase your Architectural Designer will work with you to establish the best option for your home and the way you use it , as we offer unlimited design amendments during the design phase you are free experiment with your layout and try multiple different options to explore what is achievable.

In a typical Victorian terrace, there are a few main options which we have listed below, please do keep in mind that these are simply examples and can be fully customized to your style and preference.

A Separate Room:

If you want to keep your living spaces separate, due to the way you will use the, then this is an effective option. By retaining the wall between the rear reception room and the new kitchen extension the two spaces remain clearly defined. This layout works well if they will hold functions in which you don’t want the sound to travel, such as a play room or home office, or if there is a level change between the front and rear of the property as you only need one set of steps for access.

Open Plan:

By removing as much of the rear reception room wall as possible you will be able to create a single large multi-functional space with sightlines through the whole property and distinctive zones for various functions e.g. your kitchen/dinning space, living area and kids play area. This is particularly popular with families because you can keep an eye of everyone and easily adapt the space to entertain and hold family gathering.

Two Entries:

This the best of both worlds, a great compromise between option one and two, as it offers a sense of unity within the home while also keeping a level of separation between the key spaces. Having the second entrance off the rear reception room connects the front and back off the home, while retaining some of the original wall separates the space to give the areas different characteristics while also making it easier to close off if needed.


Finally, by using an external courtyard between inserted between the old and new spaces you can create a private garden space which allows both the rear reception room and the new extension to feel connected to the outside. Having doors or windows off each room creates a visual link between the two spaces allowing you to keep the feeling of connectivity and the sightlines through.

If any of these options have given you some design inspiration and you would like to talk further about ideas for your extension, receive advice on the feasibility of the project and begin to look at the options available then email hello@buildteam.ocm to arrange a Design Consultation with one of our friendly team.