If you are undertaking a home extension, it’s a fantastic time to refurbish other parts of the home. Floor finishes are a massive eye catcher and can really impact the way a space looks and feels so it’s really important that you dedicate some time and thought to this when thinking about how to renew and brighten your home. Flooring is one of the main focal points within a room, and clever choices at the start can ensure your finishes last a lifetime. To help you on your road to discovery, we’ve taken a look at the four main rooms in a home and highlighted which flooring types we think would suit these spaces in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Ceramic or porcelain tiles are the best option for a bathroom; they are water resistant, relatively sturdy and can be used on the floor, ceiling and walls. If you’re looking for top level durability, then opt for porcelain tile. Porcelain is more expensive than ceramic tiling, but it is more cost effective in the long run since it lasts longer, is less porous and is therefore easier to clean and less likely to stain. Both kinds of tiles come in an array of finishes, colours and intricate designs which means you can switch on your interior designer and style your bathroom to your heart’s desire.


Wooden flooring in the kitchen not only looks elegant but lasts a very long time if treated properly with the correct finishes i.e polyurethane or linseed oil. Bamboo is a newer option that has become vastly popular due to its eco-friendly qualities, as well as being incredibly durable and less likely to warp when it comes into contact with moisture. A more expensive option on the fashionista side is concrete. Concrete is very low maintenance in the long run and comes in a variety of colours and finishes such as resin and polished.

Living Room

The fantastic thing about living rooms, is that they are so versatile and almost any kind of flooring can look great when paired with the right décor. However, the living room is commonly known as the cosy, family room where families come together to relax after a long day and watch a good film or play a game. It is therefore important to make this space comfortable and warming, but fear not, it is not all about old fashioned carpets and curtains. Wood is a fantastic option, as it comes in a variety of tones and is very hard wearing. Throw down a nice colourful rug or two, big cushions and blankets and voila, you have a fashionable yet homely family space.


 Carpet is usually the go-to flooring for bedrooms and this is understandable since carpet adds a feeling of luxury, softness and relaxation. As well as this, unlike in busy parts of the home such as the corridors or kitchen, low-traffic bedrooms give the generosity of allowing for plush and sophisticated materials such as wool, velvet or silk. If you’re not a fan of carpets, but you still want that luscious look, then try sanded or painted French-style weathered floorboards paired with accessories in grey, silver and white and a luxurious fluffy rug to give that ‘ooh la la’ feel.

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