What is the best companion to a new extensions? Interior décor that lets it live up to its full potential! This year has been full of very strong interior design tends, so we selected a few of our favourite trends that work hand in hand with each other, guaranteed to add that unique flair your new extension.


The blend of metals and textures has proven to be a wonderful concoction, finding its way into many homes. This trend has been very prominent over the last year as it pays great attention to detail. The mixture of various metals against textures and bold colours creates a warm glow within the home. It has a sense of delicacy and elegance which catches your eye as soon as you enter the room. Texture doesn’t only refer to sofas and pillows. Wallpaper textures have become a fast growing trend, as they add a bold statement and touch of character to any internal space.


As we already know, marble is a timeless material. However, 2018 has seen a lot of it and not just in the way we are used to seeing it on kitchen countertops. Marble accents have been hugely popular as an upgrade to surfaces all over the house. They have been widely used on coffee tables, wall accents, prints and splash backs. Marble is a versatile material for design as it works in harmony with a wide palette of colours, dark or light.

Earthy neutrals with bold accents

Combining neutral tones with darker and bolder colours will give you that maximalism impact which has been trending this year. Bold and vibrant tones can be difficult to get right without creating an overpowering effect, so why not try it out in small doses. You can start by creating a contrast between furniture- dark sofas with neutral cushions for example. However, if you are feeling brave, why not opt for a statement wall or a patterned wallpaper. Allow your interior to tell a story about your character by picking a colour theme or pattern that reflects your personality.

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