Sometimes you don’t need to add a large space to create a big impact on the layout of your home. A modest but well-designed extension can be transformative, changing the aspect of a room, bringing in valuable extra daylight, linking two existing spaces, or improving circulation and flow.


Many smaller extensions can be undertaken under Permitted Dpevelopment rights (PD) and therefore do not require planning permission. In 2013, PD rights were changed for single-storey rear extensions. Currently the maximum size of a single-storey rear extension on a detached house is eight metres from the original rear wall, and six metres for a semi-detached or terraced house.  This is subject to a process which enables neighbours to object to the project, and must also comply with other criteria such as having a maximum roof height of four metres (three metres for a flat roof).


A Prior Approval form must be completed, to which the local planning authority (LPA) must respond within 42 days. Neighbours have 21 days to object and only ‘material considerations’ are taken into account.


In London, unfortunately, the reality is that most (90%+) of London side returns extensions can not be constructed under PD,  Fear not though, as at Build Team, we have an expert knowledge of what can be achieved under full planning permission.  We will prepare and submit your planning application to the Local Authority and continue to act as your agent throughout the application process, dealing with any enquiries on your behalf.


Permitted Development (PD) rights are regularly updated, so always check for the latest updates.