Everyone dreams of having a lush flourishing rear garden in the house, where people can party, play or just relax. But what about creating an internal courtyard space to create a green haven within the home?

Improved Natural Light

Sometimes, when designing a wraparound extension to a typical terraced house in London, you could end up with a dark depressing area in the centre of your home. This is usually located where the transaction between the original building and the new extension, the rear reception room. In this case, the best solution could come from breaking up the house layout by adding a small courtyard. This outdoor space will allow more natural light to penetrate through to the surrounding rooms. It can act as a lightwell driving the sunlight directly into the core of your home and brightening up what could have been a gloomy area. This might even transform it into your favourite place in the house!

Natural Ventilation

Ventilation is a key element that designers and architects take extra care to achieve when they are creating new spaces. This should not come as a surprise because everybody likes the sense of fresh air and the feeling of a cold breeze entering rooms on a hot day. At some point of the day, you will have that natural urge to open the window and fill your body with fresh air. This exactly is what courtyards could add for your middle rooms. It will give you the opportunity to open the surrounded space into a natural source of ventilation that could become very precious in hot summer nights.

Sense of Space

An advantage of these internal courtyards is that they often do not need to be large. In most cases, a small footprint could be the most perfect cosy space for you while still creating a sense of openness and space due to the added light and views. It will also give you the feeling of protection within your house whilst still connected to the sky in the most private way. There, you will find a perfect spot to relax, read a book, study or meditate.

Aesthetically Pleasing

In addition to all the functional benefits of the courtyards, there are a lot of aesthetical purposes that can lure you to add them in your house. This internal outdoor space could act as an oasis in the middle of your home. Imagine entering any room following the addition of an internal courtyard and the first thing that will catch your eye is the glass doors leading into a heavenly green space full of plants. It will instantly calm your senses and will give you the feeling of connection with the nature by its unique ability to bring the outside in.

Architecturally Interesting Design

Visually, courtyards could be very interesting aspect in your house. Whether they are private for a master bedroom or opened to many other spaces in the house, they don’t need fancy decoration. With some well organised plants, well designed walls of natural materials such as timber, stone or even green live walls and some warm lighting, courtyards could add a wow factor to your house and become the focal point of attraction in it.  Finally, courtyards could transform your experience in the house massively and enhance the daily life for everybody lives in your home by giving them a charming space for reflection.

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