Greenery naturally makes us happy, plants relax us not only by how beautiful they look but also by spreading pleasant scents around our homes and purifying the air we breathe. This could be the reason that the UK has seen a ‘growth’ in house plant popularity in recent years. If you’re new to the house plant scene it can be hard to know which plants are easy to maintain and the best for you. Here are a few of our team’s favourite plants that are easy to look after and will add some interest to your home.

Cheese Plant

If you are looking for large green leaves and something that will, if well cared for, grown quite large then a Monstera Deliciosa fits the bill perfectly. The Cheese Plant enjoys gentle sunlight, too direct and the lush green leaves can turn yellow, and moderate temperatures. Make sure to leave a gap between waterings to allow the soil to dry out slightly and encourage growth.

Spider Plant

A staple when you think of interior plants and for good reason, they are very hard to neglect. All they require is a normal water pattern and some low to medium light, making them perfect for the darker rooms of the house. Not only that but they produce ‘pups’ that can be removed and planted to grow a whole new spider plant.


This plant goes without saying, famous for the aromatic scent it gives off it’ll make a brilliant addition to your interiors. Its bright purple flower will also add a pop of colour to any room and make it stand out. It is suggested that smaller varieties of the plant are preferable for indoors as they adjust better – just make sure you have them in a bright space as they love plenty of sunshine.

Chinese Money Plant

Said to bring fortune to the owners, this may ring true in regards to how little you need to spend on them. All they need is the standard watering once a week and to be put in a shady spot to flourish. What’s better, like the spider plant, their cuttings [if taken from the stem base] can be re-planted saving you even more money by not needing to buy new plants.


Something we are Brits are no stranger to is Ivy, it can be seen all over the county. Not only is it very easy to maintain but it is also very hardy as well, only needing a little maintenance here and there.  Ivy needs a good amount of sunlight to help keep bushy and fighting off pests. It prefers to be on the dryer side so it’s a good idea to plant them with a layer of rocks or stones at the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.

Christmas Cactus

While any cactus is a good idea for a low maintenance plant, this member of the family is much less likely to prick those curious little fingers that try to touch it. As assumed by being part of the cactus family, they require little to no maintenance, simply leave it be. Just water when the soil is looking like its drying up. When the conditions are just right a well maintained Christmas Cactus will bloom a beautiful flower which is an added bonus.

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