If you are planning to do an extension, you will need to make the decision on whether you stay in the property during the works or move out. Not everyone has the luxury of moving out, and if this is the case then we are here to keep things comfortable during the Build process.

So what is really involved? Obviously there is going to be dust and noise, but how long does this last and how will it affect you if you choose to live in? How will you manage without your kitchen? These are all questions we can answer and if you have any particular concerns, get in touch with our team today. We’ve answered a few of our most frequently asked questions below, to offer an idea of what to expect.

Can I have a temporary kitchen?

Yes of course! Many of our clients choose to have temporary kitchens installed when they remain in the property during the build.

What will my temporary kitchen include?

Your temporary kitchen will include a hob and oven, sink and washing machine. We also relocate the fridge. If you have a portable microwave we usually put this in the temporary kitchen also.

Will my home be secure and safe to live in?

Yes. All openings will be secured and all locked with secure doors.

What time will the builders start and finish?

Normally they work from 08:00 to 17:00. They might stay later if required but it depends on the client and any agreements you have with your neighbours with regards to party-wall.

Will the builders be there on weekends?

If needed yes but again it depends on the client’s preferences, and party wall agreements.

Will the dust leave the extended area and creep into other areas of the house?

No, as the rest of the house will be protected with extensive coverings, similar to the below photos from a recent project.

Will my hallway be protected?

Yes, with the coverings similar to the pictures below from a recent project.

If living in doesn’t appeal then there are plenty of alternatives. During the worst parts of the build, when your house is most open to the elements, why not rent a nearby property? You could even treat yourself and take a long holiday – one client specifically timed her build to align with her kids summer holidays last year, so they could relax in the Bahama’s while we got on with the build.

Why not book a site visit to get the ball rolling and see where your adventure can take you! Call 0207 495 6561 to book a Site Visit or email hello@buildteam.com