A white base interior can brighten up a room, and create the illusion of more space. If you’re keen on a neutral colour scheme, this kind of design can be a fantastic start, and it remains extremely flexible and versatile throughout the decorating process.

So what happens when you’ve finished your wonderful home extension, and you want to incorporate some life back into your home? It can be a bit daunting, especially as the space will be larger than you are used to – our average design adds a massive 50% to your overall kitchen size!

We’re sure you have some ideas of your own, but we’ve got some top tips below to help you on your way.

Paint the Canvas

Pick one or two colours that you like and use the colours to highlight certain areas within the room. Whether it’s a red picture frame, blue cutlery, or a splash of green via a couple of succulents on your kitchen island.

Once you have a couple of features, take the colour a step further and paint a wall in your chosen colour. As you can see above, our clients in Haringey have added fantastic pops of colour to their white base interior. The punchy orange and blue add a lovely edge, to create a delicately choreographed interior.

Zakka Your Way to Joy

Zakka is a Scandinavian-Japanese design philosophy crossover with some very impressive ideas on how to fill a space. The saying goes; ‘if it brings you joy and has function, put it on display’. A clean and clutter free room brings many a feeling of bliss and Zakka does not ask for you to display every knick-knack, but rather to curate them in a careful and beautiful way.

Let Plants Inject Colour

Plants are another way to bring life, quite literally, into a white based kitchen design. A small herb-garden with easy access to your favourite cooking aids can look charming placed in front of a window that looks onto the garden. Alternatively, a spider plant will filter the air of all the kitchen-smells and is quite hardy so it won’t mind moving about the kitchen. Scented plants like thyme or even some lavender near your dustbin will work wonders by masking smells and bringing some colour back in.

Make it cosy

Don’t forget floor treatments too. If you’ve opted for something like polished concrete, consider a rug under your dining table or in the living area. Adding different textures can complement and break up the space a little so it doesn’t feel too cold or harsh. If you haven’t opted for underfloor heating, rugs will also make the space warmer and the floor much more pleasant to walk on in the colder months.

Go Earthy

If you’re yet to put your kitchen units in, consider adopting neutral or very light colours, as this will help to balance the subtle hues in your kitchen design and you can’t really go wrong with earthy tones. The same applies for floor finishes. An off white kitchen unit coupled with a timber floor will bring the intensity of the white down a couple of notches. Our clients in Lambeth created a flawless colour scheme in their kitchen by choosing earthy shades for the counter worktops, flooring and the dining table and chairs. They then paired this with white tiling and dark duck egg kitchen fittings that make the whole kitchen come together brilliantly to create a homely and cosy space.

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