When designing your kitchen extension, you should ask yourself this question: How do I want the space to look when it’s finished? The answer to this question requires some thought about your interior design.


Many people associate ‘interior design’ with a bit of paint or some fluffy cushions and hastily miss the opportunity to really execute the true potential of their home. Although interior design does touch on those two points, it is so much more than a carefully picked colour and a fluffed cushion. The interior design of your home can manipulate all kinds of things including light, sound and temperature.


How can interior design improve my home?

Interior design makes your home yours. You can add in features that suit your day to day activities, and also pick out colours and designs that you love. Our interior design service works to meet all of your requirements, and we will work with you to find a scheme that suits your needs and style.  donatts 3

Take a look at the project on the right. This client wanted a contemporary scheme that was child-friendly. Contemporary schemes are notorious for their clean cut

lines and minimalistic nature, and our client was afraid a modern décor would detract from the warmth and comfort th ey wanted for their family home. We achieved a happy medium, and reached their desired look by focusing on two points detailed below.


  • We arranged a family focused seating area near the kitchen. The open plan arrangement has a very contemporary feel and also means that the kids are never out of site. Mum and Dad can keep an eye on them while they’re cooking in the kitchen.
  • We used a vibrant colour scheme that breaks away from the traditional neutrals. The bright colour scheme represents the energy of young kids and it warm and inviting for a family room.donatts 1

If I choose to get an interior design service does that I mean I have to replace everything?

Absolutely not! If you want to keep key features or elements of your room you can still totally revamp or revive your style. You would be surprised of how little changes can make a big impact and totally change a room’s décor.


Take a look at one of our projects, where our clients wanted to keep their current windows & doors but were not satisfied with how it fit with the current space and wanted to bring a luxurious chic flare in their new extended area. By simply repainting, rear ranging and replacing a few low cost items we managed to transform the room style as well as maximise the room’s potential.


Is it still worth going with an interior design service if I have a small space?

Yes definitely, if anything, we w ould advise seeking a professional opinion to ensure you maximise your room’s potential! Small spaces can be tricky, but we have plenty of ideas and experience in making the most out of every corner and crevice.  Using an interior design service does not mean you end up cluttering a space with heaps of unnecessary furnishings and textiles; instead it can be used to give the impression of more space.


Take a look at one of our projects that was struggling for space. We went for a more minimalist approach with a simple colour scheme and clean cut finishes. We used the following features to maximise the potential of the room:


–  Simple spotlight lighting. The lateral space is limited in this design and we found it best to exaggerate the vertical height (ceiling height) by making the lighting seem unreachable.

– Innovative kitchen storage. Carefully placed cupboards that take advantage of every possible space is important, cupboards don’t have to be square or rectangular anymore and can be made to fit difficult corners!

– Glass panel sliding doors. This creates an opening that discretely enlarges the room when open as it merges the indoor and outdoor space. The large glass panels make the room feel light, airy and open even when the doors are closed.

bavant 1 bavant 3

Our Interior Design Service includes:

  • A full consultation
  • 2 initial 3D proposed visuals
  • We will guide you through your best options and preferences
  • Final Render of final design