Our Design Team have recently obtained planning permission for a fantastic, three story extension in a conservation area in Lambeth. The additional space will add a massive 60SQ to the home, and will completely transform the property.

When the homeowners approached us at the beginning of the year, they knew exactly what they wanted in terms of size. They wanted to expand the lower ground floor by extending to the rear; however they needed a design that was sensitive to their recently redone garden. They also wanted explore the option of extending the upper ground floor, and first floor as well. They wanted to achieve enough space to add a bedroom, a study, and an additional bathroom.

Our Design Team know Lambeth very well, as our Office HQ is based in SW4. When we met the homeowners for the first time, the biggest topic of conversation was the planning obstacles. The scheme is very large, and conservation areas can be tricky. After visiting site, it became apparent we could argue that the scheme would improve the overall image of the house and its urban area. We also did some research on the planning portal, and found some similar schemes within the area, so we knew we had precedents to move ahead.

Our Design Team are pros when it comes to submitting planning applications, and know exactly what to detail within the drawings and documentation. For this application, we knew that specifying the materials and form would be key for approval. We also submitted a Design & Access Statement alongside the application, which highlighted how the scheme would meet the requirements of the conservation area and how the proposed design would actually enhance the site.

Lambeth have a strict policy on multi story extensions, and specify that the height of the extension cannot exceed the height of the half top window. They also state that the new form should not harm the original look of the property, and this was a tricky argument to make when the proposed extension was so large. The policies also recommend using flat roofs, and aligning the rear windows with the original windows.

While the homeowners knew what they wanted to achieve from this design early on, they were open to our Design Teams suggestions, which was key to achieving planning success.

The key to getting any Design through planning is to provide evidence and justification that the proposal fits in with the surrounding area. Our Design Team have tons of experience with Local Councils within London, and this scheme just proves what you can achieve if you have an experienced Design Team behind you!