Don’t underestimate the impact that light will have on your room!  Lighting can totally transform a space and can affect stuff you wouldn’t even dream of like temperature and sound.


When designing any space, you need to create a balance between artificial light and natural light. You should consider several factors to find your perfect balance, such as direction, intensity and the reflective qualities it might have on different surfaces.


Skylights are a fantastic way to encourage natural light to flow into your property. There are lots of types of skylights ranging from Velux, Roof Lights, and Lanterns. When choosing your skylight there are different details you can specify to suit your needs. If you are concerned about cleaning your skylight you can specify whether it is fixed, manual or electric and even request 360 degree rotation. If you are concerned about aesthetics you should consider the frame; you can have wooden, steel or even have it hidden into the interior so it appears as a sheet of glass. If you’re worried about the additional heat which can arise from using lots glass, you can add the UV reflective laminated coating on the glass.

SECTIONSAnother thing to consider is how much light you want to enter your home and where you want to direct the light. Popular choices for skylight placement are above particular zones such the dining area or kitchen. You should avoid areas with reflective surfaces such as televisions or computer screens where natural light can produce a glare and become an obstacle to the zone’s function.


For a pitched roof, Velux windows are a common option and they are the most effective skylight in terms of encouraging natural light into the room.


For a flat roof, Roof Lights are a popular option. These can come in a range of different unit styles for the purpose of function and aesthetics. These roof lights are great for creating a spotlight of natural light onto an area to create a feature space. This choice is also great for if you’re worried about privacy and nosy neighbours!


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