Over 20% of our client’s live in a conservation area, so our Architectural Team understand the importance associated with their classification and are very familiar with local council guidelines.

Conservation area’s aim to preserve the architecture and traditional features that remind us of British heritage, and whilst every build comes with a new set of challenges, extending a home in a conservation area does require an extra level of attention, particularly via planning. Our Architectural Team have plenty of experience with planning regulations, so we’ve broken down four key design elements which we would recommend considering prior to finalising a design.

Ground Floor Extension

We design & build loads of ground floor extensions that reside within conservation areas. It’s all about finding a balance with proposal and we would recommend adding features that help to blend the proposal in with the host property. For example, for our project in Streatham (SW2), we proposed a modern side infill extension, but counter-balanced the proposal with some traditional sash windows on the other side of the property.

Loft Conversions and Roof Design

Extending into your loft is absolutely possible, but we would recommend going for mansard rather than a dormer. Local councils generally don’t like you altering the building that is visible from the street, so proposing changes to the front façade of the building can be considered ambitious within some local councils. We generally propose the addition of Velux windows to the front of the roof, and we extend out via the back to gain that additional space.


If you live in a Conservation Area you will need to apply for planning permission before you can add, re-render or replace cladding on the outside of your house. Any minor improvements or repairs (such as painting the exterior) should be perfectly acceptable to renew without consent, but it does depend on the conservation area guidelines so we would recommend checking before carrying out any works.

Windows & Doors

One careful consideration will be your doors and windows. Lots of our clients assume that they can’t have modern Bi-fold doors but this isn’t the case at all – just look at our Streatham project above. Generally, the conservation guidelines don’t approve of doors that span the entire width of the home. As a result, we generally suggest large doors and a window alongside, which can create a more typical ‘Victorian’ look.

You can absolutely extend your house if you’re in a conservation area and we would be delighted to help you find out what is possible for your home, so why not give us a call today on 0207 495 6561.