Exposed brick is a rising star among interior decoration – with our last two builds, and an on-going build incorporating it into their design. When designing your kitchen extension, it is key to consider your interior space and what look you want to create.

What is an exposed brick wall?

Well, it is exactly what it says on the label, a brick wall. There are two options to create the exposed brick look.

cavity wall complete 9

  1. A sandwich of exposed brick wall, insulation and partition wall. This will make for a thicker wall and can end up restricting your space.
  2. Alternatively, it can be a series of slim brick tiles around 2cm thick, that you can then attach to your wall. This is a bit of a fake, but can look just as real and is a much cheaper technique.

Victoria Road N4_09

What is so amazing about exposed brick walls?

The exposed brick wall is versatile. It comes in different colours, textures and can be laid out in different patterns. It is not limited to one specific style and can be paired with traditional, modern, rustic, contemporary and many other styles.

Design Considerations:

1. If you want to go for option one, and have the more genuine brick wall, then you have to tell your designer about your brick wall during the design stages. This is because the design must ensure the arrangement of the steel does not cut into your wall. An exposed brick cavity wall with a steel column inside will result in a thicker wall which can take up valuable space.

2. The length of the exposed brick wall. As the brick wall is meant to be a feature wall, you should be careful not to overpower you living space or kitchen if you span it too far.