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5 Ways to Divide an Open Plan Space

5 ways to divide an open plan space is an interesting design thought. In particular, given that increasingly higher numbers of our clients are requesting spaces that are not completely open plan. The idea being that they may have the potential to change in the...

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Compact Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most functional rooms in the house. Compact bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular to make best use of the available space. We think your bathroom should be designed to give you the most efficient use of space whilst still remaining comfortable....

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Climate Emergency

Members of Parliament have approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency making the UK the first nation to declare climate emergency. Many areas which have already declared climate emergency say they want to be carbon-neutral by 2030 which could be aided by the provision of electric car...

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7 Extension Application Routes

There are a number of different planning applications, each of which will suit different residential extension designs. Discussed below are 7 different treatments for common extensions or alterations for residential properties. Permitted Development   Arguably the most straightforward extension type would be that which falls within your permitted development rights. Typical...

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Build Team Loves Lambeth

New London Architecture Borough Report November 2018 Over the last 11 years, Build Team has completed more projects in Lambeth than any other borough. We are excited as different areas of the borough experience development to improve the lives of the residents. A recent report released by...

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2019 Interior Design Trends

With the turn of a new year, comes the opportunity to re-fresh your house with up to date decorating patterns, timeless furniture and stylish interior fittings. 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for interior design and our Architectural Designers have put together a list...

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Build Team – 2018 in Review

Build Team has celebrated the end to a fantastic year, bringing many construction projects onto site and to completion, while Design Team has had comparable success in guiding new and repeat customers through the design and planning stages with some very exciting projects. In January, we...

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Live Well with Hygge

The home should be a place of relaxation and comfort and we believe that adopting the Danish approach of hygge is a great starting point to think about how to interior design your home and extension. The Danish adopt hygge as a means of creating a...

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How to Upcycle Furniture

We often get asked by prospective clients how much does an extension actually cost, and our answer is always the same; the cost is dependent on the size and the design of the scheme. If you find yourself going for a large scheme and you...

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Kitchen Layouts

There are loads of ways to shape your new kitchen, and the most important thing is to ensure that it is comfortable to use; style should follow function. Of course there isn't a 'one style that fits all' model, so here are a few basic patterns...

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Considerations for your Conservation Area

Over 20% of our client’s live in a conservation area, so our Architectural Team understand the importance associated with their classification and are very familiar with local council guidelines. Conservation area’s aim to preserve the architecture and traditional features that remind us of British heritage, and...

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Is Two Storey Too Tall?

Homeowners undertake home extensions for various different reasons, but an increase in space is usually a common cause among clients. An increasing number of our clients are approaching us to ask about the feasibility of two storey extensions, so they can gain an extra bedroom...

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Flawless Floors

Your choice of flooring will completely transform how your home will look. It requires a fair bit of thought as it often takes third place in the expense scale: the first being the shell of the extension, the second is typically your kitchen, and the...

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The Best Boiler

When undertaking an extension, clients often find it a great excuse to carry out the bits and bobs they’ve been meaning to do for years – for example internal bathroom refurbishments, hallways refurbishments, and replacing boilers. The boiler is a great example, as it’s likely...

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5 Great Kitchen Ideas

When planning your kitchen, practicality should meet design. It is paramount to have a practical kitchen that is a joy to use but that does not mean that it cannot be stylish and designed with your personality in mind. Have a look at some ideas...

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Stair Specification

Building Control is a collection of guidelines designed to maintain your safety when extending your home. During the build process, this typically involves four site visits: the first visit when the foundations are being laid, the second when the cavity wall is erected, the third...

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Bathroom & WC’s

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the exciting design features when creating an extension – there are thousands of options at your disposal and it’s easy to forget about the functional, practical aspects. That is where our Design Team are here to...

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Inside Out Doors

Exterior doors are an integral part of your extension design; not only do they require smooth functionality but they also drastically affect the way a room looks. There are a variety to choose from, all of which have both pros and cons. The first question...

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Chimney Challenges

Chimney breasts were once a significant feature in traditional housing design. They were built with functionality in mind; to keep residents warm in the winter months by offering the opportunity to have a real fire. As central heating systems have become more efficient, the requirement...

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