Planning and Permission

Get Creative with Your Courtyard

When it comes to designing your extension there are lots of factors to consider; all of which impact the options available to you. For example, designing a home extension to a ground floor flat is very different the design for a full house. One of...

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The Best Boiler

When undertaking an extension, clients often find it a great excuse to carry out the bits and bobs they’ve been meaning to do for years – for example internal bathroom refurbishments, hallways refurbishments, and replacing boilers. The boiler is a great example, as it’s likely...

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Plan for Planning Permission

Planning Permission – everybody needs it, but no one knows much about it. We’re going to break everything down for you. If you are planning to do an extension, the chances are, you will require permission from your local council, be that through Permitted Development of...

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Understanding Lofts

A loft conversion is a great way to transform unused space in your home, and there are lots of ways to go about doing it. A loft conversion typically adds a bedroom and a bathroom, however depending on your desires you could transform your loft...

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Inside Out Doors

Exterior doors are an integral part of your extension design; not only do they require smooth functionality but they also drastically affect the way a room looks. There are a variety to choose from, all of which have both pros and cons. The first question...

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Permitted Development: Lofts

Lofts conversions are a fantastic way to gain some much needed space as they are usually very generous in the floor area that they add. Our Design Team have loads of design solutions but they are subject to a properties specific characteristics and local planning...

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Basement Planning

In a city where space is so valuable, it isn’t surprising that extending is becoming a popular alternative to moving. You wouldn’t believe the amount of space you can add to your home through extensions – and digging down to create a useable basement or...

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Basement Business

Whether you intend to go large and invest in a lower ground floor, or keep it simple and go for a cellar conversion; there are loads of ways you can use this underground space. We thought we would share just some of the ideas and...

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How High Can You Go?

Ceiling height was the hot topic of discussion at our most recent House Tour, and it’s certainly something we spend lots of time on during the Design Phase. There are loads of questions to answer on this topic, so we thought we’re run through the...

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Design Team Dreams

Have you ever wondered how an architect would design their house?  Our Design Team work so hard at creating our clients visions; we thought we would ask some of the team to design their perfect extension.   We chose the existing floorplan and specification that we use...

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