Doors and windows

Get Creative with Your Courtyard

When it comes to designing your extension there are lots of factors to consider; all of which impact the options available to you. For example, designing a home extension to a ground floor flat is very different the design for a full house. One of...

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Separate Internal Space

Open plan living is not for everyone, and lots of people like the traditional feel of separate rooms which hold different functions. One advantage of open plan living is the uninterrupted light, as natural light has the freedom to penetrate every corner of the room....

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Learn More About Velux

Velux windows are a fantastic addition to any extension and we frequently use them in both ground floor extensions and loft conversions. They are a practical and affordable choice, and particularly appeal to homeowners who want to create a light and airy atmosphere. Velux windows...

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Bathroom & WC’s

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the exciting design features when creating an extension – there are thousands of options at your disposal and it’s easy to forget about the functional, practical aspects. That is where our Design Team are here to...

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Propose to Your Existing

Extensions are a fantastic opportunity to add lots of contemporary, functional features to your home such as bi-fold doors and Velux windows. These features have been developed with practicality in mind and they do a fantastic job at letting lots of natural light in and...

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Bring the Outside, Inside

Gardens are quickly becoming a luxury rather than a necessity, particularly in cities like London where space is so valuable. There are endless advantages to having a garden, one of which is a wonderful view that you get from your kitchen. When designing an extension,...

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Inside Out Doors

Exterior doors are an integral part of your extension design; not only do they require smooth functionality but they also drastically affect the way a room looks. There are a variety to choose from, all of which have both pros and cons. The first question...

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The Sky is the Limit

People often think that too much of anything can be a bad thing – but this isn’t the case for natural light. Designing an extension that encourages natural light entry is crucial and there are plenty of ways to go about doing it; one of...

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Design Team Dreams

Have you ever wondered how an architect would design their house?  Our Design Team work so hard at creating our clients visions; we thought we would ask some of the team to design their perfect extension.   We chose the existing floorplan and specification that we use...

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Get More from Your Design

Add Space and Value   There are endless benefits to extending your home, and the immediate ones that come to mind tend to be visual; you’ll have more light, you can design your kitchen around you and your family, you can create more efficient functionality in your...

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