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Ashanti Darby

Ideas To Add The ‘Wow Factor’ To Your Extension

If you are looking to give your home a fresh new look and add some extra space, a home extension is the perfect solution! But don't settle for just any ordinary extension; design a space that serves its purpose and leaves a lasting impression. That's...

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10 Improvements To Add Value To Your Home

Home improvements can be an excellent way to increase the value of your property, whether you are looking to sell your home or merely increase its market value. However, determining which enhancements will provide the most value can be challenging. In this article, we will...

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10 Ideas To Inspire Your Home Extension

Home extensions can be a great way to add value and more space to your home but knowing where to begin can be challenging. The process of planning and building a home extension can feel overwhelming, but it can also be an exciting and enjoyable...

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Insulating Your Loft Conversion

In addition to creating more living space, a loft conversion can become an excellent opportunity to better insulate your home. Better insulation can help you to ensure your space is warm and cozy whilst helping to reduce energy bills. With an energy efficient loft conversion,...

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How to Make the Most of Your Loft Space

Making the most of your loft space for your family can simply mean converting it into habitable rooms. This oversized storage space can transform into something fantastic. In most scenarios, a loft conversion typically will add a new master bedroom, ensuite bathroom and, depending on...

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Options For Converting a Small Loft

Thinking about options for converting a small loft is a great and affordable way to add additional space and value to a family home. In London there are many different types of roof shapes, but the most common are pitched or butterfly roofs. Both of...

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Adding Value To Your Home

The housing market is an ever-changing world, with all of us looking for ways to add value to our property. Whether you are buying, selling or simply settled, adding an extension to your property is a great place to start. The most important factor to...

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

As we move into the New Year, there is a spirit of new beginnings and the first week of January presents the perfect time to think about your New Year Resolutions. Whilst we love setting ourselves goals such as going to the gym regularly or...

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Liveable Lofts

Liveable lofts, or loft conversions, are a great way of adding space to your property, as well as value. There are endless possibilities for what a loft space can become. The most popular being an additional bedroom and ensuite. Both of these will add significant...

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Light up Your Loft

Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add an additional bedroom, bathroom, study or playroom and make effective use of a space that generally goes unused. When designing your loft conversion, it is important to consider the lighting design early in the process; the right...

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Enhance Your Lofts Exterior

Adding value to your home whilst gaining additional space are two of the most exciting advantages of having a loft conversion built. Especially once you begin dreaming about what the new space could be; a kid’s playroom, a study or even an extra bedroom with...

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Understanding Lofts

A loft conversion is a great way to transform unused space in your home, and there are lots of ways to go about doing it. A loft conversion typically adds a bedroom and a bathroom, however depending on your desires you could transform your loft...

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Live in your Loft

Our prospective and current clients often assume that you can’t vary much in a Loft Design but the truth is there are a surprising amount of possibilities. The first question we ask our Design clients is what are you planning on using the new space...

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Convert Your Loft

Loft conversions are a great way to add space to your property and make the most of the space you have available. The most common design option is to add a bedroom and a bathroom. Adding a bedroom can add 9 to 10 per cent...

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Loft Conversion Options

A loft conversion is a brilliant way to both increase the space available in your home and the value of your property. When designing your loft conversion it is important to note that there are several different shapes and styles available, and it’s a good...

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The Benefits Of Undertaking A Loft Conversion

We are often asked by prospective clients whether it is worth carrying out a loft conversion and a side return extension. Both are worth considering if you want to increase the size of your home, as they make use of space which is usually left...

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Thinking Of Doing A Side Return And Loft?

There has never been a better time to convert a loft space and build a Side Return Extension at the same time. At Build Team, we routinely get asked to undertake Loft Conversions as part of a client’s Side Return plans. Our clients are typically...

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