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Author: Sehr Gupta

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15 Years of Kitchen Design 

Here at Build Team, we are proud to celebrate 15 years of customer-focused design and exploring trends within kitchen extensions since 2007.  Kitchen design has evolved immensely through each decade, adapting with changes in functionality and style. How to approach kitchen design has also changed alongside...

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Smart homes

Smart homes are not only a luxury anymore, it is beginning to be the new normal, considering the kind of lifestyle we have now-a-days. If you are considering renovating your home, consider being ‘smart’ about it. Smart homes are a result of technological advances. It is...

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Solar Panels/ PV Systems

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics (PV) is form of a renewable energy. It capture sun’s energy and becomes energised, and converts it to electricity that we can use. A solar PV panel consists of many cells that are semi-conducting materials, which generate electricity when...

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Innovative storage solutions for your home

Living in bigger cities comes with the odd side of compact living. But compact living should not always mean downscaling. You can make smart choices and utilize every square meter of your space to create a better living solution for yourself. refer to the following...

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Alternative Uses For Outside Space

We often neglect the garden space in our home, especially the out-house and use it as a dumping space, a space that is never in use, with all the stuff that you probably will never look at again. We all want bifold and crystal doors...

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Green Roof Types

Green roof or eco-roof is a layer of vegetation planted over a flat, or slightly inclined waterproofed roof. There are mainly three types of green roofs: Intensive, semi-intensive and extensive. While the basic advantages of all three roof types is quite similar, there is slight difference...

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Green Roof Benefits

Green Roof Benefits: With the shift in dynamics for creating a more sustainable environment, we want to contribute our bit by sharing with you, the concept of a green, landscaped roof....

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Interior Design Ideas To Improve Your Space

Interior designing can be compared to pouring a reflection of your personality in your space. Each design, colour or pattern creates a certain mood in the space it occupies, giving a certain feeling to its onlooker. When it comes to designing the interiors of our...

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