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Author: Ashanti Darby

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Insulating Your Loft Conversion

In addition to creating more living space, a loft conversion can become an excellent opportunity to better insulate your home. Better insulation can help you to ensure your space is warm and cozy whilst helping to reduce energy bills. With an energy efficient loft conversion,...

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Build Team’s Sustainability Agenda

Our Green Agenda One of the greatest challenges faced within the Construction industry is the environmental impact of our profession. Currently the construction sector contributes heavily to the climate crisis; with sources calculating that buildings are responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions: 28%...

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'If all of your tools for living are well designed, you will not need much'​ Using minimalism to design and decorate your property can allow for optimum space whilst improving your quality of life. Minimalism in art refers to abstraction typified by simple geometry. This concept refers to...

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