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I designed and built my first Side Return Extension for my own home back in 1999. I was keen that the space should be light, bright and spacious, and it worked, because very soon our new room became the heart of the home, a fantastic space for a growing family and perfect for entertaining.

At that stage, tinkering around with Victorian terraced houses was still very much a hobby, and it wasn’t until five years later that I built my next Side Return Extension. It was then that I realised there was scope for a company that specialised in creating side extensions.

So, in 2007, I said goodbye to a career in Corporate Banking to set up Build Team, a team of professional house builders and talented interior designers skilled in modifying house designs according to our clients’ vision and requirements. Mark Eden joined the business shortly after and now, seven years on, I’m glad to say we’re known for providing stylish, high quality solutions of side extensions for London homeowners. Those who now use our services can benefit from contemporary kitchens and kitchen extensions to create a bigger, better, more flexible space in which to cook, eat, live and entertain. Kitchen extension ideas are the most needed by London homeowners, as a new kitchen is often the most used space in a modern home.

We constantly strive to become even better at everything we do, so innovation is the Build Team ethos, and it has led to the development of ideas like our online price calculator, BuildYourPrice™, which has now been optimised for mobile users wanting to know the side return costs they may be looking at. 

We’re also passionate about building as sustainably as possible, and that’s one of the reasons we’re working on a ‘Green Side Return Extension’ that will exceed the thermal performance requirements stipulated by Building Regulations.

Build Team has been able to grow thanks to our client-focused one-stop-shop approach (design and build the extension) that puts quality at the forefront of what we do, not just in terms of product, but also our level of customer service, both during and after the build of the side return extension.

That said, quality shouldn’t come at any price, which is why making sure we deliver value for money is another of our priorities - it’s certainly a major consideration for most people when choosing someone to carry out building work. And that’s why we do our best to be fair and transparent in all that we do, so that you can make the best informed choice about whether to use us. We provide you with customer testimonials on our side return ideas and make available a design database with kitchen design ideas and loft conversion ideas.

If you like the sound of what we do, then call us on 020 7495 6561 or contact us to arrange an appointment. We will assess your property, and you can tell us what you want and hope for from your Side Return Extension.

Dan Davidson
Founder, Build Team

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