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Latest News: Alternatives to Gas Boilers

Alternatives to Gas Boilers

The Government announced this week that gas boilers would be banned in all newly built homes within three years under plans to tackle climate change. At Build Team, we love all new technologies - especially green ones - and we are, therefore, broadly supportive of this move. 

How with this impact my plans for a Side Return or Loft?

As with all new policy announcements, the detail is scant and it has not been stated how this will affect retro fits or refurbishment projects. However, if the past is a guide to the future, it is likely that amendments to Building Regulations will follow suit and eventually major alterations to a property will require compliance with the prevailing energy standards - and this could mean that an existing gas boiler has to be upgraded to a greener alternative as part of the works.

Should I think about future proofing my home now? 

Whilst greener alternatives to gas boilers do currently exist, it is important to note that the market is relatively undeveloped and so we expect the Government's announcement (combined with additional funding pledged for R&D into new and greener technologies) to turbo-charge the product innovation within the field of greener alternatives to gas-fired boilers. At present, there are two leaders in the clubhouse: air-sourced heat pumps and hydrogen-fired boilers. The former have been around for some time and are not dissimilar to air conditioning units found within the commercial setting - the latter (hydrogen boilers) rely on the mass distribution of a new gas and therefore will require significant infrastructure investment. 

Watch this space!

We will be publishing a blog article later this month to provide more information on green alternatives to gas-fired boilers - and critically, our predictions for how this announcement will impact homeowners planning to undertake a side return extension of loft conversion. 


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