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Latest News: Trendy Bellenden Village, SE15

Trendy Bellenden Village, SE15

There was once a day when estate agent's raised an eyebrow at buyers enquiring about a house with a SE15 postcode. That's Peckham. Are you sure?

Well, just how times have changed. It's hot stuff in Peckham; and the streets of Bellenden are so hot you need asbestos soles on your flip flops.

Here's our latest start on the hot streets of Peckham...Hinckley Road SE15. And if you're feeling Peckish in Peckham, drop by the newly opened Artusi at 161 Bellenden Road. It's so cutting-edge, it doesn't even have a name above the door. Yep, that's Peckham's culinary scene for you: understated minimalism.  


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