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Latest News: Worried about the residual light in the rear dining room?

Worried about the residual light in the rear dining room?

This is common concern of many clients who approach us to design and build their Side Return. In reality we find that the residual light entering the existing dining room after the Side Return has been built is still plentiful, and that this room remains light enough for everyday use.  

However, to specifically address this concern and ensure the design fully maximises the light entering the rear dining room, we have developed this inflected glass detail. A bespoke section of raked glass is formed off site and then set into the new roof that runs along the side return. This design detail is also particularly effective at overcoming any height issues which may arise from a planning outcome that constrains the height of the boundary wall.

As part of our standard Design Phase, we will happily run through all of these issues and create a bespoke solution which maximises both the light and usability of your new extension.

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