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Latest News: What's next after the Side Return?

What's next after the Side Return?

Converted the loft, refurbished the bathroom and redecorated the hallway - and looking for the finishing touch?

Well, look no further than the front path to your Victorian house. Here's one we've recently overhauled in Dulwich, South London. We relayed the path with London mosaic tiles, set in a Yorkstone front step and riser, replaced the front door in hardwood and installed up/down lights in anthracite grey which switch on at night and off again at dawn automatically. Upgraded to 2w LED bulbs; the lights are powerful, yet inexpensive to run.  

Finally, we rebuilt the front wall in reclaimed London stocks and fabricated a new front gate with matching iron railings, powder-coated in anthracite grey to tie in with the tiles and lights. It's all in detail, as they say...


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