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Latest News: Bring the outside in!

Bring the outside in!

Well folks, at long last Spring has finally sprung and there can be no better time to fling open those bi-fold doors and bring the outside in. 

There are, however, a couple of important design considerations to make sure the desired aesthetic works in practice.

Firstly, the floor levels will need to be adjusted to ensure they are at the same level. We always recommend setting a slight fall to the outside, so that the surface rain water runs away from the doors and into linear drainage. Secondly, it is important to ensure the bi-fold doors are specified with a level threshold (all of Build Team's doors are detailed this way) to allow the inside tile to align with the outside floor covering. Finally, and here's the fun bit, decide on your choice of floor covering. There are several interior 600x600 porcelain tiles which have exterior equivalents within the same range - these are often honed to ensure they are slip resistant in wet conditions. Alternatively, you could decide to opt for a deliberate contrast in floor covering - for example, with tiles laid internally and hardwood decking to the outside.


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