Latest News: Perimeter channel drainage - perfect for English weather

Perimeter channel drainage - perfect for English weather

Outside every Side Return Extension you should find an equally beautiful patio area. Well, that's our view anyway. And we also believe it is important to create a level threshold between outside and in - no annoying trip hazards, and the all important aesthetic of bringing the outside in.

A quality patio is also a dry patio - and that means two things. Firstly, setting the patio surface with the correct fall so that rainwater does not "pool" on the surface, and secondly, ensuring the surface water drains away as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

This is where stainless steel slot channel drainage comes in. It's built to last, won't rust, can take a significant amount of surface water and compliments the crisp, straight lines provided by a quality set of bi-folding doors.

As is shown here, we can also get it to go around corners too!

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